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Surgibuns, Hair Accessories in Norwood, MA
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Hair Bun Covers

LMC Surgibuns Inc. provides a product that can cover your long hair while it’s up in a bun for work. The product is available to both men and women working in any fields where long hair needs to be tied back.

The hair bun covers are available online nationwide. Created by a Boston-based Registered Nurse (RN), the product is a great accessory for medical service workers and others who are tired of trying to manage their hair while working.
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About Us

Look your best while working with the trendy and affordable hair accessories from LMC Surgibuns Inc. in Norwood, Massachusetts. With more than 18 years of nursing experience, we have created a product that covers long hair while it’s in a bun. Available for both men and women, Surgibuns™ was created by a Boston nurse who was tired of wearing the bouffant caps that are popular in the medical field.

We gave 2500 of the Surgibuns away at a nursing convention in San Diego. These hair covers are disposable and latex free so everyone can wear them. We created this product not only for ourselves but for others.

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